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Tray Sealer T 250: smart and capable

The semi-automatic T 250 includes an extensive range of standard features, including an automatic drawer and residual film winder. The tray drawer is larger than that of the T 200 and it accommodates multiple standard and customized tray formats. Additional options are also available on this efficient and ergonomic packaging system.

  • Semi-automatic functionality
  • Automatic drawer
  • Space-saving design
  • Stainless steel construction with wheels
  • Powerful pump
  • Quick change tooling
  • MC06 programmable control system
  • Film trim rewind
  • Tool-free machine access

  • Productivity: higher output with automatic drawer, larger vacuum pump reducing cycle times, larger tooling allowing more trays per cycle
  • Precision: accurately set vacuum levels and MAP gas mix
  • Consistency: settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring reliable results every time
  • Package quality: consistent sealing temperature and pressure provide hermetic seals
  • Ease of use: intuitive, one-touch functionality for operation and saving recipes
  • Reliability: German engineering, heavy-duty construction, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee excellent value for money with many years of productive use
  • Flexibility: pack a variety of products in a range of trays and materials as well lidding films
  • Rapid format change: with interchangeable toolings
  • Easy to service: Simple to access serviceable components for routine maintenance

  • Stainless steel construction with wheels
  • 100m³/h pump
  • Quick change tooling
  • Control unit MC06, stores up to 29 programs, 18 menu language
  • Basic outer tray tooling dimensions 435mm x 365mm (then sub-divided)
  • Waste bin for film trim
  • Tool-free machine access

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Vacuum skin pack (VSP)
  • Dual MAP and VSP option
  • Built-in vacuum pump, 63 m3/h or 150 m3/h
  • Print mark control for register-printed films
  • External gas mixer
  • Micro-perforation unit for FreshSafe applications
  • Monitoring package for validation and calibration
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation



4 to 36 trays/min

Vacuum pump:

Built-in; standard 100 m³/h

Electrical connection:

400 V 50 Hz or 3 x 220 V 60 Hz.

Compressed air:

7 bar, consumption approx. 23 standard liters per cycle

Cooling water:

4 bar, approx. 35 l/h


Tray size:

Basic format 435 x 365 mm, can be divided up as required

Tray height:

max. 130 mm


All sealable materials for trays and upper web